Hellenic Cables on course for Crete – Peloponnese project

Hellenic Cables is on track to deliver the 135 kilometres long submarine cable for the electrical interconnection Crete – Peloponnese.

Hellenic Cables
Crete – Peloponnese cables

The management of ADMIE recently visited the company’s plant in Corinth to check on the project’s progress.

The project, with a total budget of 365 million euros, should wrap up by the end of this year.

The Crete – Peloponnese subsea interconnection is the longest cable HVAC interconnection worldwide.

The project is also the deepest (1,000 metres) high voltage interconnection using three-core cable with XLPE insulation in the world.

Furthermore, it will see significant innovations in the cable design (lighter and stronger) as well as in its laying.

Jan De Nul is responsible for the installation of the cable.

The company will also deliver cable protection up to 100 meters water depth on both shore sides.

Cable laying vessel Isaac Newton will execute the operation.

During his visit, the chairman and CEO of ADMIE, Manos Manoussakis, stated:

“The electrical Crete-Peloponnese interconnection incorporates a series of innovative features and despite the adversities of the pandemic we managed to keep it on track thanks to the preparedness of the TSO and our contractors.”

The general Mmanager of Hellenic Cables, Alexios Alexiou, noted:

“We are proud to support the long-term planning of ADMIE for the upgrade of the electric system, doing our part to the secure supply of the biggest island in our country with clean and affordable energy.

“It is one of the most demanding projects we have ever undertaken, but everyone in Hellenic Cables is dedicated to its timely and safe completion”.