Hijos de J. Barreras Eyes More Newbuilds

Hijos de J. Barreras Eyes More Newbuilds

Galician shipbuilder Hijos de J. Barreras, S.A. announced today the closing of a contract with the Mexican group Procesa for the construction of a 75m long tuna vessel.

The deal was confirmed by the chairman of Barreras, Mr. José García Costas during the Board of directors held in Vigo, the first to be attended by the Mexican group Pemex’s spokespeople after its entry in the shareholding of the group.

García Costas also reported the existence of a letter of intent signed by the joint venture formed by the Mexican Diavaz and the Dutch Oceanteam, for the construction of one multipurpose offshore vessel of 112 meters. If the contract for this second ship is confirmed, it could be signed in the first months of 2014.

The tuna vessel will have an approximate delivery time of 18 months. The design of the vessel is a HJB -1600, one of the models of Vigo’s shipyard for this American type segment. Its 79.5 meters of length and 14 meters of beam provide an aboard freezing capacity of up to 1,600 cubic meters.

The offshore unit planned by Diavaz and Oceanteam will be intended for sub-sea construction and accommodation purposes with a capacity to accommodate up to 240 people. Its dimensions will be of 112 meters in length and 26 of beam.

The vessel will be equipped with a DP3 dynamic positioning system and will also have two offshore cranes on board. The estimated construction period will be about 26 months.


Press Release, December 17, 2013





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