HMM, FESCO and CMA CGM Launch Joint CRS Loop

South Korean liner Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) has teamed up with Russia’s FESCO and French CMA CGM on a new China-Korea-Russia weekly service, under the name ‘China Russia South Service’ (CRS).

Prior to the launch, HMM has been jointly operating two services ‘KRS’ (Korea Russia Service) and ‘KR2′ (Korea Russia Service 2) with FESCO.

However, HMM has now merged the two joint loops and broadened its service coverage to the South China and the Middle China, and changed the service name to CRS, which was also joined by the French carrier CMA CGM.

The new weekly service turns in three weeks with three ships of 2,700-4,600 teus, one ship provided by each company. The service calls at Hong Kong, Chiwan, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Busan, Vladivostok (Commercial Port), Vostochny, Busan, Hong Kong.

While cooperating with FESCO and CMA CGM for CRS, HMM has also joined hands with FESCO for ‘CRN’ (China Russia North Service), which connects China and Russia with two 1,700 teu container ships.

On March 24, the Hyundai Unity started its service from Hong Kong, HMM said.

 “By launching CRS and joining in CRN, HMM can provide premium direct services connecting South China/Middle China and Russia,” a HMM official said, adding “with two services connecting China-Korea-Russia, HMM will enhance its presence in Russia shipping market.”

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