Holmatro’s cylinders for Snorre A platform

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Holmatro and its Norwegian dealer EIVA-SAFEX AS have supplied 64 cylinders, each with a capacity of 536 tons, to the tension-leg platform (TLP) Snorre A, in the North Sea.

Besides cylinders, the corresponding control and storage for the hydraulic system was also delivered.

Improving load-cell calibration of Snorre A

The Snorre oil field is located in the Norwegian North Sea, 200 km from the coast. One of the platforms, TLP Snorre A, is anchored to the seabed with steel cables. In order to retain, measure and monitor the pre-tensioning of the cables, each leg of the platform includes constructions that are each fitted with load-cells. When calibrating the load-cells the weight of the platform must be taken off. With the help of the new Holmatro cylinders (each with a capacity of 536 tons), the corresponding control and storage for the hydraulic system, this job can be done much easier now, the company said in the press release.

Fully customized hydraulic system

“We received the request from Statoil in January 2014,” said Rob Loonen, Sales Engineer Holmatro Industrial equipment.

“A big tender with a complex question – hydraulic support to optimise the calibration process of the load-cells on the steel cables anchored to the sea bed. The difficult conditions on the oil platform meant that the cylinders and accompanying products had to meet an enormous package of requirements. A perfect challenge for our Industrial Solutions team! They designed and developed this complete customized hydraulic system. Our Norwegian dealer EIVA-SAFEX AS handled the lifting installation and we jointly drew up the required documentation in line with the legal requirements for the offshore platform.”

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