EXMAR forms Alliance to Create Floating Liquefaction, Storage and Offloading Solution

EXMAR today announced the formation of an alliance to advance its efforts in the development of floating liquefaction solutions. EXMAR has specifically formalised a relationship with its long-time LNG partner, Excelerate, and with Black & Veatch, a proven provider of natural gas processing and liquefaction technology.
“The alliance of a proven liquefaction technology provider, an experienced LNG importer and marketer and EXMAR’s proven track record of pursuing technologically challenging projects in the LNG business is in my view a unique selling proposition to field owners.
This partnership forms a solid basis for the successful development of the first floating liquefaction, storage and offloading solution in the world” said Nicolas Saverys, Chief Executive Officer of EXMAR NV.
“We are pleased to align our unique technology platform with the strengths of our partners, combining our successful relationship with Exmar with the design expertise and capabilities brought by Black & Veatch,” said Rob Bryngelson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Excelerate Energy. “Floating liquefaction, Storage and Offloading (FLSO) is another example of Excelerate’s innovative leadership in offshore LNG and along the LNG value chain.”
The FLSO combines the liquefaction process, storage tanks, loading systems, and other LNG-related infrastructure into a single floating unit.
The alliance has the expertise to develop a cost-effective source-to-market solution that provides the same reliability, efficiency and flexibility that Excelerate and EXMAR have pioneered in floating regasification and LNG ship-to-ship transfer.
The alliance is currently advancing its design efforts and working to create a solution that capitalizes on the expertise gained from industry-leading efforts of the combined team in floating regasification, shipping, liquefaction, gas processing, and downstream marketing.
“By developing both regasification vessels and complementary terminals to service them, Excelerate Energy is in a unique position to succeed in combining floating liquefaction with its existing global downstream network, providing a broad-based solution for developing gas markets,” added Bryngelson.