TeleMedic Systems’ New Lightweight VITALLINK3 is certified for Operation Over the Iridium Satellite Network

TeleMedic Systems announces that its new lightweight VitalLink3 medical vital signs monitoring system has successfully completed testing over Iridium’s worldwide communication network, and is now available to support mobile medical data transmissions on a global scale.

“Leveraging the Iridium satellite network, we can now extend the reach of our telemedicine solutions to users who are beyond the reach of terrestrial wireless networks – from health workers in Africa to search-and-rescue teams in Alaska, from aviators flying across Antarctica to sailors on the high seas,” said TeleMedic Systems CEO, Alasdair MacDonald.

TeleMedic developed the VitalLink3, a unique mobile vital signs monitor, for use in remote applications. Designed to be a universal interface between medical devices and IT systems, the VitalLink3 acts as a communication gateway for the dissemination of acquired medical data and the integration of other specialist medical/IT systems.

TeleMedic’s VitalNet offers secure, real-time data transmission that links with other systems and services. VitalNet’s secure portal supplies medical professionals with remote access, integration of patient records and an audit trail of actual or attempted access to any part of the system. Built to hospital standards, the easy-to-use VitalLink3 offers a cost-effective solution for customers in need of medical support in areas where hospital treatment is unavailable.

“The flexibility of the VitalLink3 allows us to match the requirements of the user with the available communication carrier,” said Gerry Buss, COO, TeleMedic Systems. “The system transmits via a wireless network when available or through the Iridium satellites in more remote regions.”

“The Iridium short-burst data service, with its global reach and low-latency data connections, is ideally suited for delivering vital signs to medical professionals with a high degree of reliability,” said Greg Ewert, executive vice president of Global Distribution Channels, Iridium. “TeleMedic’s VitalLink3 is a good example of how Iridium’s Service Partners and integrators are leveraging our universal connectivity to create innovative solutions for tracking, monitoring and telematic applications around the globe.”