Weatherford Launches UniSlips Multi-Functional Handling Tool

Weatherford International Ltd. announced that they will hold a press conference at the Offshore Northern Seas Conference, 25 August, in Stavanger Norway. It will be held in the press conference room in Exhibit Hall A from 9:00-9:45 AM. All media correspondents are invited to attend the presentation by Egill Abrahamsen, global technical manager, Tubular Running Services.

The press conference will discuss the launch of the UniSlips™ all-in-one handling tool, the industry’s first rotary mounted, multifunctional slip used for casing, tubing or drillpipe operations. Unlike conventional handling tools that require frequent slip changes, this technology handles all tubulars within its size range without changing slips, saving hours of valuable rig time.

Statoil has pledged several million Norwegian kroner to the development of the Unislips tool. Statoil Project Manager Mr. Bjørn Brekne commented, “We choose projects that fit Statoil’s technology strategy—projects related to smarter wells and field development, especially effective drilling operations and HSE improvements. The Unislips tool fits nicely into the two last categories.”

The launch of this innovative product exemplifies the advancement in rig mechanization. The UniSlips tool incorporates a power-grip feature to counteract torque, eliminating the need for manual backup tongs and the hazards associated with casing and tubing running operations.

Baard Alsaker, General Manager, for Weatherford’s Rig Systems stated, “The drilling industry currently accepts the fact that slips have to be changed frequently for different pipe sizes and does not consider this as lost time; for example, when making up bottom hole assemblies drill strings and tapered casing and tubing strings.” Alsaker continues, “In the future these slip changes will be seen as nonproductive time and unnecessary personnel risk exposure at well center. New technology like the UniSlips tool allows for gripping a wide range of pipe sizes without slip-changes and manual interaction, providing flat time reduction while improving personnel safety.”

The UniSlips tool is compatible with Weatherford’s ISIS® integrated safety interlock system, Stabberless® remote-controlled pipe-alignment system, OverDrive™ casing running system and AutoCLAMP™ automated control-line arm manipulating and positioning system. The UniSlips tool goes Weatherford Launches UniSlips Technology hand-in-hand with Weatherford’s UniTong® all-in-one technology as well. This level of compatibility enables safe, efficient, operations and removes personnel from dangerous areas.

Weatherford is a Swiss-based, multi-national oilfield service company. It is one of the largest global providers of innovative mechanical solutions, technology and services for the drilling and production sectors of the oil and gas industry. Weatherford operates in over 100 countries and employs over 53,000 people worldwide.