Global Institute of Logistics Announces the Appointment of Dick Binkhorst to its Board of Advisors

Bremen played host to GIL’s ( annual press briefing this year where it announced the appointment of Dick Binkhorst of specialist management consultancy Experts for Experts(e4e) to its Global Board of Advisors (GBOA). The GBOA provides GIL support with strategic and technical advice, resource mobilization and promotion and outreach. The board combines the ideas, expertise and resources of leading thinkers and activists from all facets of global logistics – all united by a common vision to improve the global supply chain.

Mr Binkhorst’s appointment reflects a growing demand from the global logistics industry for thought leadership in human resource management. The Institute for it part, is anxious to build up a specialist knowledge base on human resource management specific to the global logistics sector.

There are a number of specific challenges in human resources pertaining to global logistics service provision most of which directly relate to creating a workplace culture that reflects the diversity and demands of a global customer and supplier base. The need for such diversity in an organizations talent pool gives rise to relocation and localization challenges which requires expert knowledge. The Institute, working with human resource directors from amongst its membership, aims to benchmark these best practices thereby identifying itself as a source for the thought leadership needed to inform strategy in the areas of the acquisition and application of skills, knowledge and experience. The ultimate aim is to provide knowledge assistance which will assists in maximizing the return on investment from the organization’s human capital.

Mr. Binkhorst’s appointment also reflects the Institute’s desire to assist the public sector in a post financial crisis world in attracting the necessary talent needed to discharge its increasing role in the private sector. This expansion will see transport and infrastructure authorities play a more prominent role as principal investors, alliance builders, and economic strategists.

Speaking at a Press Conference Kieran Ring, CEO of GIL said: “Dicks appointment is part of a medium term strategy by the Institute to address the need for thought leadership in human resource management in global logistics. As a master mariner and former logistics executive with extensive experience of working with both the public and private sectors and leveraging his extensive network through e4e worldwide, Dick is the ideal choice to lead the Institute’s research program. I very much look forward to working with him.”

Speaking on the occasion of his appointment to the Institute’s Advisory Board Dick Binkhorst said: “It is a great challenge for e4e and an honour for me personally to be able and co-operate with the Institute and with industry leaders on such an ambitious and vital program. It urges us, so called experts on HR management and key executive appointments, to look beyond the short and medium term results and to really look into strategic values, together with the key role players. This co-operation will give us the opportunity to feed some of our assembled knowledge back to the industry. We as e4e really enjoy the opportunity working with the Institute.”