Damen Shipyards: Jumbo adds another

Jumbo Shipping, the Dutch heavy-lift specialist, has returned to the Damen Shipyard group for a fourth heavy-lift ship.

Jumbo has ordered a fourth ship from Damen. The contract was an option attached to an order for a third heavy-lift ship placed by Jumbo in September 2005.

Jumbo said the new ship will be able to lift single cargo objects of up to 1,800-tons at a maximum radius of 32 metres.

The lifting capacity is an increase on the 1,600-tons found on the earlier ships in the series. But these ships have been upgraded.

Jumbo said the latest newbuilding will be delivered by the middle of 2008. No financial details were disclosed.

The addition of this latest newbuilding will increase Jumbo’s fleet to fourteen heavy-lift vessels with lifting capacities of up to 1,800 tons.