RINA SPA joins Rulefinder.net

RINA SpA, a worldwide classification society, announced they have joined Rulefinder.net library. RINA provides the internet portal with Class Rules for Yachts.
“We put inside Rulefinder.net library our rules for the Classification of Yachts and Commercial
Yachts”, says Paolo Moretti, Head of the Pleasure Craft Product Line, We think it is a useful
idea because we give the possibility to the Rulefinder.net users to have access to the classification rules of one of the most important Classification Society operating in the pleasure craft sector. Furthermore considering that our Class Rules for Yachts having length less than 24 m, recall the essential requirements of the RCD, the benefit for the Rulefinder users are even more evident”.

Wieger de Wit, one of the authors of Rulefinder.net is very pleased with the membership of
RINA as well. “We are proud to have RINA as a member. It is clear now that industry
professionals choose Rulefinder.net as their documentation provider. The number of
applications is growing rapidly, which proves that there really is a demand for accurate
information on the CE requirements and ISO standards as well as ABYC, NZ and AUS
standards and MCA Rules. The aim of Rulefinder.net is to become the global library for
compliance regulations, documentations and calculations. At the moment members come from more then 35 different countries so it looks like we are well on our way”.

Launched by Wieger de Wit and Marnix J. Hoekstra in Grou, Holland 2005, Rulefinder.net is
the practical technical guide for boat builders, component manufacturers and other industry
professionals on CE Rules. The site’s user interface is available in five different languages and
12 different modules running from boats of up to 6m (18ft) in length to yachts of up to 24 m
(76ft), rigid inflatables, personal watercraft and components.