Imtech Marine to Supply Equipment for Innovative Helgoland Ferry

Fassmer shipyard have signed the construction contract for the new Helgoland ferry. Imtech Marine received the order for the whole range of electrical systems and electronics. Apart from the engineering, the order contains the technical coordination and the project management.


Imtech Marine to Supply Equipment for Innovative Helgoland Ferry

Imtech will provide the ship automation, the switchgears, the motor starters, distribution panels and lighting as well as the complete cable network. In addition, Imtech Marine will supply the navigation and communication equipment for the ferry.

In the future, the ship will ensure the year-round ferry service to the island of Helgoland. Accordingly, there will be more trips from the mainland to Helgoland – for both passengers and cargo. As of May 2015, the ship will prospectively cast off regularly from Cuxhaven to the island. On board, there will be place for around 1,000 people and up to ten cargo containers – even under extreme weather conditions. So far, every now and then, Helgoland was cut off from the outside world when there were storms.

Liquid-gas drive provides for environmentally friendly transport

With a speed of up to 20 knots – which is up to 37 kilometers per hour – the new multi-purpose vessel will be in transit on the North Sea. There are special stabilizers that will take care of keeping the ship as calm as possible – even in heavy seas.

A new Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) drive will ensure an environmentally conscious journey. LNG can be regarded as most environmentally friendly fossil fuel, because it has the lowest CO2 emissions per unit of energy and compared to conventional shipping fuels it hardly produces sulfur oxide- and only reduced nitrogen oxide-emissions.


Imtech Marine, January 13, 2014