India: Valedictory Function of the Vigilance Awareness Period 2010

The valedictory function of the Vigilance Awareness Period 2010 was held at Corporate Headquarters of DCI, Visakhapatnam today. Mr. G. Nageswara Rao, IPS, DIG, CBI, Visakhapatnam was the Chief Guest at the function. Prof. K. Ravi, faculty of Public Administration, Andhra University attended the same as the Guest of Honour.

Mr.S. Vasudeva Rao, IPS, Chief Vigilance Officer, DCI, in his welcome address said that managerial, technological and ethical dimensions of vigilance should be understood properly and harmonized. Awareness campaign require to be reinforced by coordination with other stake holders like civil society, NGOs, judiciary and media.

Chairman & Managing Director of the Corporation, Capt. S.S. Tripathi stated that just as thieves make a hole to the wall and steal valuables, corrupt employees steal the wealth of organizations. Ill gotten wealth creates unhappiness, vices and problems. Nobody gains by corruption. People should not succumb to pressure that other people have more comforts and they should indulge in corruption. This would create unnecessary pressure and fear. A special bulletin on anti-corruption initiatives was released by the CMD.

The Chief Guest, Mr.G. Nageswara Rao, speaking on the occasion, emphasized that the concept of success has to be viewed in a larger perspective of

values, excellence and positive contribution to the society. The belief that making of money by any means is the yardstick for success has to be replaced by respect for hard work and righteousness. He stated that personalities like Mother Theresa, inspired the humanity by their dedication to the cause of serving the poor and destitute. He appealed to the employees in public sector to work conscientiously and uphold the trust reposed in them by the taxpayer. He called for strengthening of documentation and procedures in procurement process.

Prof. K. Ravi, in his address, traced the evolution of anti-corruption law from the British period and underlined the role of CVC, CAG, Lok Ayukta, NHRC, SC/ST Commission and other agencies in monitoring administrative actions along sound ethical principles. He felt the political corruption is the template on which bureaucratic machine operates. The tendency to be in denial or indulgence in blame game only obfuscates the critical aspect of corruption. In developed countries, individual honesty is at a higher level as they do not have problem of poverty and insecurity. By giving dignity, respect and empowerment to the poor people in developing countries, we can make them proactive in insulating the society from corrosive effects of corruption. A system provides only a framework but it is the individual that makes the transformation. Moral values spread from micro to macro levels and not the other way round. Since State is only an individual writ large, the values cherished by the individual citizens impact the whole society. Institutional decline in recent times is a cause for serious concern.

A large number of DCI officers and staff attended the meeting. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Mr. A.K. Sahoo, DGM(Finance).


Source: dredge-india, November 2, 2010