Indian Navy to Get First of Three Frigates in April 2012

Indian Navy to Get First of Three Frigates in April 2012

First out of three frigates built by Yantar Shipyard (Kaliningrad, Russia) will be delivered to Indian Navy in Apr 2012, reports RIA Novosti.

Frigate INS Teg has already passed state trials. Second frigate for Indian Navy – INS Tarkash – is under mooring trials, the third ship – INS Trikand – is being completed at the yard. Each ship will be handed over to the customer with a half-year interval.

Yantar has been building frigates (on Russian classification – escort ships) for Indian Navy since 2006. In total, the shipyard builds three frigates – INS Teg (“Saber”), INS Tarkash (“Quiver”), and INS Trikand (“Bow”). Project 11356 was developed by Severnoye Design Bureau subordinate to United Shipbuilding Corporation.

The frigates are armed with BrahMos missile system having high accuracy and capable to hit targets at 290 km.

Project 11356 frigates are used for searching and destruction of submarines, antiship/ASW/antiaircraft defense. The ships’ length is 125 meters, beam is 15 meters, displacement is 4,000 tons, endurance is 5,000 nautical miles, crew is 220 men.

Yantar shipyard was registered as a joint stock company in 1996. It is specialized in construction of small- and mid-size warships and civil vessels, ship-repair works, production of maritime and commercial structures.

World Maritime News Staff, March 2, 2012; Image: Yantar Shipyard