Indonesia: Jakarta Dredging Plan Progresses Well

Berita Jakarta reports that the Jakarta Government has built embankments or mud deposit pool in Ancol Beach North Jakarta to accommodate as much as 3.4 million ton meter cubic mud sedimentation of 13 rivers in Jakarta Emergency Dredging Initiative (JEDI).

Fauzi Bowo, the Jakarta Governor, said this mud pool in Ancol area is as wide as 120 hectares, split into three regions.

Those regions are, western, northern, and southern. Aside from becoming mud deposit of 13 rivers, the project is also to prepare Ancol Beach reclamation.

“The embankment project must be done before the dredging of 13 rivers starts. Now, the southern and western embankments have been completed. Meanwhile, for the northern side, is still underway,” said Bowo, when he inspected the embankment project in Ancol area.


Dredging Today Staff, July 4, 2012