Inpex’s Ichthys project VP receives Honorary Doctorate from Charles Darwin University

INPEX has announced that Jiro Okada, Vice President, Ichthys Project Division, has been awarded a degree of Doctor of Science honoris causa from Charles Darwin University (CDU) in Northern Territory, Australia.

Inpex's Ichthys project VP receives Honorary Doctorate from Charles Darwin University
Okada made speech entitled “Circle of Mutual Trust”


INPEX is progressing the development of the Ichthys LNG Project as an Operator under the leadership of the Ichthys Project Division at Tokyo headquarters, and the staff at the Perth and Darwin offices in Australia with a target to commence production by the end of 2016.

“Mr Okada has cultivated strong relationships with the people of Darwin and Northern Territory over his long business career in Australia. He was instrumental in the process of selecting Darwin as the site for a gas liquefaction and processing facility (LNG plant) for the Ichthys LNG Project, and he fostered a trusting relationship with the local community in Darwin and the people of Northern Territory.

We acknowledge and appreciate Mr. Okada’s earnest approach by building trust and mutual understanding with the various stakeholders including the Northern Territory Government, local industries and the local communities in Darwin and Northern Territory.

These efforts have now being publicly acknowledged with the award of this honorary doctorate – Doctor of Science, Honoris Causa from CDU. The participants in the Ichthys LNG Project hugely appreciate the continued support from the local communities, the federal government of Australia, and the state governments of Western Australia and Northern Territory, as well as supports from other various stakeholders that will ensure a timely execution of the Ichthys LNG Project,” INPEX said in a statement.


June 02, 2014


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