ION in new reimaging project offshore Australia

Seismic survey company ION Geophysical will undertake a new 3D multi-client broadband reimaging program offshore Australia.

ION said on Wednesday that the North Vulcan 3D multi-client reimaging program covers the northern part of the Vulcan sub-basin offshore northwest Australia.

The 17,000 sq km program integrates and reimages data from 15 vintage surveys using modern depth imaging.

It builds on knowledge gained from ION’s 2D WestraliaSPAN survey and incorporates additional geophysical insight and geological interpretation to create a new image and enhanced subsurface understanding.

The company added that this proven hydrocarbon province suffered from a lack of investment, in part due to the poor quality of existing data. Reprocessing has delivered significant imaging uplift in geologies with similar imaging challenges.

ION’s broadband processing and GMO tomography can overcome subsurface imaging challenges stemming from a complicated velocity structure due to both shallow carbonates and salt, the company said.

According to ION, this reimaging will help de-risk future exploration in this complex area at a fraction of the cost of acquiring new data. There are several existing fields and discoveries as well as available acreage in upcoming license rounds within the boundary of the North Vulcan 3D multi-client reimaging program.

Joe Gagliardi, senior vice president of ION’s E&P business development group, said: “Based on our recent proof of concept, we expect to reveal new subsurface insights and hope to breathe new life into this relatively underdeveloped area. The North Vulcan 3D reimaging program will be available to re-evaluate this complex province and inform investment decisions ahead of upcoming license rounds.”