IRClass: 1st Ship Classed under Lebanese Flag

Ship classification society Indian Register of Shipping (IRClass) has classed its first vessel under the Lebanese flag.

Named Jouri, the ship was converted from a vehicle carrier to a livestock carrier under the survey of IRClass which included structural modification, plan approval and reapproval of stability conditions.

Jouri is owned by Etab Shipping S.A. and managed by M/s Safe Sea Service S.A.R.L Beirut.

According to IRClass, the modification process was complicated and carried out under the close supervision of its surveyors.

“The project took around 4 months to complete, including overcoming technical challenges like the location of permanent ballast and arrangement for storage of cattle feed to take into account the stability of the vessel,” Rajeev Pratap Rao, IRClass’ Regional Manager for Middle East and Africa, said.

“Class societies are increasingly being seen not just as regulators but also as enablers and this project is a perfect example of this with our plan approval team and surveyors using their technical expertise to advise and guide the modification team.”

“As this project was such a success we are now working on a similar conversion for the City of Barcelona,” he added.

Founded in 1975, IRClass provides ship classification and certification as well as technical inspection services. It is a member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS).