Irving Shipbuilding invests in green project to make Halifax Port net-zero emitter by 2050

Canadian shipbuilder Irving Shipbuilding has decided to invest in Green Harbour Project developed by the Verschuren Centre, which aims to make Halifax Harbour a net-zero emitter by 2050.

Irving Shipbilding

The project will be tailored to each stakeholder’s decarbonization needs and monitor progress over time, with milestones in the years 2030, 2040, and 2050. The company’s investment is $545,000.

Specifically, the Verschuren Centre will work to test new technologies and share findings with partners to accelerate the path to net zero. This investment will go towards identifying the best biofuel technology for marine vessels, with three technologies currently identified for analysis and potential commercial use. 

“The project is focused on achieving net zero carbon emissions in Halifax Harbour by 2050 and will occur in several phases including data collection, research, and the potential deployment of new technologies. The National Shipbuilding Strategy is about more than just ships. Through our Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) commitment we are offsetting the value of purchases to build ships that we must make outside of Canada, with coast-to coast-to coast investments in Canada that advance the Blue Economy, research, and innovation,” Aaron Plamondon, Director, Industrial Participation, Irving Shipbuilding, commented.

“Our government knows that in order to better protect our environment and bring Canada to a net zero future by 2050, we need collective efforts. That is why Irving Shipyards’ investment in the Green Harbour Project, made under the National Shipbuilding Strategy’s Value Proposition, will help to make the Halifax Harbour cleaner and safer, while also helping us achieve our climate goals,” said François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry.

“The Green Harbour Project paves the way for a sustainable future, cutting the path to net zero for Canadian harbours and ensuring a better tomorrow for our future generations,” Scott Lewis, Vice President, Commercial at the Verschuren Centre.

“Initiatives like the Green Harbour Project are an important part of our collective efforts within the marine community to reduce emissions and create a more sustainable future,” said Captain Allan Gray, President and CEO, Halifax Port Authority.

“Analyzing data, developing new technologies, measuring results and working with partners are all components in overall greenhouse gas reduction efforts.”

Verschuren Centre Inc. is an independent clean technology development and deployment facility located in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The goal of the centre is to accelerate the transition to a green and circular economy. Furthermore, VC uses this focus to develop and scale sustainable solutions, connect cleantech innovation to industry, and accelerate decarbonization towards a net-zero future.