IT Power targets UK sites for Floating Power Plant

IT Power has completed a site finding exercise for Floating Power Plant which is looking to deploy its commercial floating wind and wave unit in the UK.

Using Floating Power Plant’s (FPP) technical and commercial site requirements as the search criteria, IT Power located a number of sites suitable for FPP’s commercial deployment.

IT Power carried out a site finding exercise working closely with FPP, and will continue the collaboration in order to analyze the suitability of a number of primary sites.

FPP, a Danish ocean energy player, is developing the P80 commercial wave and wind energy floating platform capable of producing up to 7.6 MW of power.

The floating platform which hosts a single wind turbine and four wave generation units is currently being designed by the company and their partners following 2 years of experience with a grid connected 1:2.3 scale prototype

To exploit the potential in the UK, FPP set up a UK subsidiary in Edinburgh focused on the resources in UK waters.

To remind, FPP has recently been granted €1.14 million from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme for the development and commercialization of the P80 platform.

IT Power is a Bristol-based renewable energy consultancy firm that offers technical, engineering and advisory services to public and private sector clients in sustainable energy sector.

Image: IT Power