Jeppesen Brings Conversion Tool for ENC Data

Jeppesen has released an automated tool for converting existing ENC (Electronic Navigational Charts) data into the new S-101 format for next-generation ENCs.

Jeppesen Brings Conversion Tool for ENC Data

The dKart S-101 Converter supports IMO and IHO efforts to implement a new generation of ENCs and ECDIS that are more user-friendly and incorporate richer data. The IHO says that S-57 to S-101 conversion will play a key role in the transition to next generation ENCs.

The Converter is the first commercial product built on the new IHO S-100 standard for hydrographic data. It enables HOs, ECDIS manufacturers and harbor/port master offices to produce prototypes of the next generation of ECDIS and ENCs. At the push of a button, it converts today’s S-57 ENC data, including updates, into S-101 format, before running quality verification tests and generating a conversion report.

Adoption of S-57, the existing IHO transfer standard for digital hydrographic data, has been relatively limited, partly because it is not widely accepted in the geographic information system (GIS) world. To address this, the new S-100 standard is aligned with the ISO 19100 series of geographic information standards, encouraging much broader use and lowering the cost of using it for hydrographic and other geospatial applications.

S-101 is the next-generation ENC specification based on S-100. It was released in draft form last year and will be tested and developed in 2014-15. ECDIS manufacturers will begin creating next-generation ECDIS in 2018-2020. As S-101 ECDIS will accept S-57 ENCs, the managed introduction of S-101 will not result in the withdrawal or early termination of S-57 ENCs.

dKart S-101 Converter is the first component of Jeppesen’s next generation dKart Office, a software system designed for the production and maintenance of nautical charts and navigational publications”, says John Klippen, senior product manager in charge of Jeppesen’s HydroService.This system is part of our complete offering of chart production tools and services for harbor and port masters, hydrographical institutes and private companies worldwide.

Jeppesen, April 8, 2014




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