Photo: Illustration; Image Courtesy: Kawasaki Heavy Industries

KHI: Ultramax Newbuild Handed Over to Gramos Navigation

Gramos Navigation has accepted delivery of Gramos, a 61,000 dwt bulk carrier newbuild, in China. 

The delivery of the Ultramax took place at the Nantong COSCO KHI Ship Engineering (NACKS) on October 29, 2019, according to Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI).

NAKCS is located in Nantong City, China and operated jointly by China COSCO Shipping and KHI.

The Barbados-flagged bulker has a length of 199.9 meters and a width of 32.24 meters. Classed by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, the newbuild can accommodate 25 crew members.

With a capacity of 77,539 cbm, the vessel has a flush deck with a forecastle and five holds that are designed for optimum transport of grains, coal, ores and steel products. Four 30-ton deck cranes are installed along the center in between the hatch covers to enable cargo loading and unloading in ports that lack cargo handling facilities.

Additionally, the vessel employs various technologies to achieve maximum fuel economy, including an energy-saving, electronically-controlled main diesel engine, a bow designed to reduce wave resistance, high propulsive efficiency propellers, and a rudder bulb system with fins and semi-duct system with contra fins, which all contribute to the vessel’s enhanced propulsion performance.

As explained by Kawasaki, Gramos incorporates various energy-saving technologies, which reduce both fuel consumption and emission of carbon dioxide (CO2), thereby complying with the EEDI Phase 2 requirements.

Ordered back in 2015, Gramos is operated by Japan-based Kawana Kaiun and has a market value of USD 25.35 million, VesselsValue’s data shows.