Klaipedos Nafta: LNG reloading station tanks moving into position

Klaipedos Nafta said the first LNG storage tank for its liquefied natural gas reloading facility is set to be transported to the site at its oil terminal in the Port of Klaipeda. 

The first LNG tank will be moved to the location overnight and it is one of three storage tanks shipped from the Chart Ferox facility in the Czech Republic.

The three storage tanks arrived in the port of Klaipeda on March 12, after traveling along the river Elbe to the Port of Hamburg where they were reloaded to a cargo ship and delivered to Klaipeda.

The facility will have a total of five 1000-cbm LNG storage tanks, each 50.3 meters long and weighing 223 tons.

After the installation of all tanks, necessary equipment connection, testing and other activities will be carried out. According to estimations, the LNG reloading station will be launched late summer this year.

The LNG reloading station is aimed at creating a small-scale LNG operational infrastructure and developing the LNG market in the Baltic Sea region. It will feature two truck loading bays and enable LNG reloading onto liquefied natural gas carriers.