Photo: Image Courtesy: Klaveness

Klaveness Agrees COAs for Its New Combination Carriers

Norwegian shipping company Klaveness Combination Carriers has signed a Contract of Affreightment (COA) for its new generation of combination carriers, the CLEANBUs.

The deal was signed between a Klaveness subsidiary and an undisclosed Australian importer and distributer of clean petroleum products (CPP). The COA covers multiple cargoes over a period of up to 12 months with commencement in the second quarter 2019.

“The COA is an important milestone for the introduction of the CLEANBU vessels and the validation of the CLEANBU concept in the CPP market,” Engebret Dahm, KCC Managing Director, said.

“KCC’s CLEANBU service to Australia will meet demands for a reliable and substantially more climate friendly solution for CPP transportation. Through its unique design and trading pattern, the CLEANBUs will secure a 30-40% reduction in CO2, SOx and NOx emissions compared to standard tankers,” Dahm added.

Klaveness took delivery of the first of six contracted CLEANBU vessels, the 83,600 dwt MV Baru, from New Yangzi Shipyard in China in January 2019. The remaining vessels are scheduled to join their owner by October 2020.

Featuring a length of 228.4 meters and a width of 34.5 meters, the Marshall Islands-flagged MV Baru would transport cargo from the Far East to Australia, Klaveness earlier said.