Kongsberg equips Finnish Navy corvettes with AS and diver detection sonars

Kongsberg equips Finnish Navy corvettes with ASW and diver detection sonars

Kongsberg Maritime has signed a contract with Saab for the delivery of Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and diver detection sonars for the Pohjanmaa-class corvettes, being developed by the Finnish Navy under Squadron 2020 project.

Under the terms of the contract, worth approximately NOK 100 million, Kongsberg will equip the vessels with its SS2030 and SD9500 sonars.

The SS2030, principally devised for ASW operations, is capable of detecting torpedoes or other small objects in the water column. Its electronically-stabilised transmitting and receiving beams can be tilted to adjust to challenging sound speed profiles, with its integrated Sound Propagation Model determining the optimal tilt settings and enhancing the Probability of Detection (PoD) ratio.

The SS2030 sonars will be delivered to the Finnish Navy complete with hoistable hull units and ice protection to ensure safe and efficient operation in the often harsh conditions of the Baltic Sea.

The SD9500, meanwhile, is a light and compact over-the-side dipping sonar with horizontal and vertical positioning capabilities for diver detection, ASW duties and volumetric survey assignments in shallow, reverberation-limited waters.

We are very pleased to have been selected for another sonar program for the Finnish Navy and to further strengthen our position as a principal supplier of shallow-water ASW, diver detection and mine-hunting equipment,” said Thomas H Dahle, director of sales at Kongsberg . “The armed forces, as with all defence industries, have to rely upon the most advanced technology available in order to fulfill their responsibilities effectively, and this new naval contract is another resounding testimony to the deep level of trust the Kongsberg brand has accumulated over our many successful years of trading.”