Island Crusader; Source: Kongsberg Island Offshore

Kongsberg Maritime to convert Island Offshore PSV trio to hybrid power

Norwegian offshore shipping company Island Offshore has awarded a contract to Kongsberg Maritime to supply turnkey hybrid battery solutions for three of its platform supply vessels.

Island Crusader; Source: Kongsberg

Kongsberg Maritime said on Tuesday that it would supply the solutions on the Island Crusader, Island Contender, and Island Commander. The first two run on a combination of Bergen LNG and Bergen diesel engines while the third runs on diesel engines.

According to the company, the conversion of all three into hybrid vessels not only represents a firm commitment on the part of Island Offshore to the principles of environmental responsibility but also has potential for increased operational efficiency and a marked reduction in maintenance requirements.

It is worth noting that PSVs typically run multiple engines to achieve redundancy, with consequent impacts on fuel performance, equipment health and emissions.

But Kongsberg claims that combining conventional LNG or diesel engines with its SAVe Energy battery system will allow for fewer engines to be running, improving efficiency by increasing the load on the remaining engines. The company believes that fuel consumption and running costs will also be reduced through the conversion of the vessels to closed bus-tie operation.

The solution opted for by Island Offshore will operate via a single feed from the energy storage system (ESS) to the main switchboard – with manual changeover which will enable the operators to balance out running hours on generators – and a 600kW dual shore connection.

Tommy Walaunet, managing director of Island Offshore Management, said: “We are pleased to be working with Kongsberg Maritime on this endeavour, as a leading supplier and strategic partner to our business.

By making this investment despite challenging market conditions, we underline our commitment to continue reducing our vessels’ environmental footprints, and our strong belief in a sustainable future for our business”.

Gaute Aasen Augestad, regional sales manager at Kongsberg Maritime, added: “The operational, financial and ecological benefits of hybridisation based on our lithium-ion SAVe Energy modular energy storage system speak for themselves.

Applying this concept to the PSV market sets an important precedent for the industry, and we’re pleased to have been entrusted with delivering this integrated technology package for these Island Offshore vessels”.