Photo: Courtesy of Hyundai Mipo

Korea Line welcomes K Lotus LNG bunkering ship from Hyundai Mipo

Korea’s shipbuilder Hyundai Mipo Dockyard has delivered K Lotus, what it says is the world’s largest LNG bunkering vessel, to Korea Line.

Korea Line welcomes K Lotus LNG bunkering ship from Hyundai Mipo
Courtesy of Hyundai Mipo

K Lotus is an 18,000 cubic metres LNG bunkering vessel. The shipyard delivered it to Korea Line on 16 March.

This vessel has dimensions of 166 metres in length, 24.4 metres in width, and 12.9 metres in height. It features Finland’s tech group Wärtsilä’s cargo handling system.

Moreover, it is equipped with a cylindrical LNG tank, which has the highest safety and reliability according to the IMO. Therefore, it can safely transport LNG at a cryogenic temperature of minus 163 degrees.

In particular, the ship’s LNG reliquefaction system liquefies boil-off gas and supplies it as a propulsion fuel for the ship. This way it maximizes energy efficiency and reduces temperature and pressure to ensure smooth operation.

The ship’s ‘loading arm’ serves to inject fuel into vessels to be supplied with LNG. 

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The energy giant Shell will charter the K Lotus. It will operate from next month at the Bunkering Hub Port in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Moreover, Hyundai Mipo claims this is the world’s largest LNG bunkering vessel.

Since Hyundai Mipo Dockyard first delivered a 7,500 cubic metres LNG bunkering vessel in 2018, it has won orders for five ships of the same type. This is the largest number among domestic shipbuilders, it says.