Korean Court Rejects Request for KR Surveyor’s Arrest Warrant

A Korean court rejected the request for an arrest warrant for a surveyor of the Korean Register at a hearing held on January 24 in connection to the sinking of Stellar Daisy in 2017.

Image by WMN

Warrants of arrests were being sought for Kim Wan-joong, CEO and chairman of Polaris Shipping, owner and operator of the ill-fated bulk carrier Stellar Daisythe head of maritime affairs at Polaris Shipping, an inspector of Korean Register of Shipping in charge of Stellar Daisy as well as 2 persons from a private company responsible for inspecting the vessel and approving hull thickness following the conversion of the ship.

“The MV Stellar Daisy vessel was classed with KR and the vessel was surveyed in accordance with our rules and regulations which comply with relevant international conventions. KR is a full member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS),” the Korean Register said in statement.

“The safety of lives and safeguarding the marine environment are top priorities for KR and the society will continue to work with all the relevant authorities to assist with the investigation into the tragic loss of this vessel.”

The South Korean bulker was carrying 24 crew members, eight South Korean and sixteen Filipino sailors, when it sank in the South Atlantic. Only two sailors were rescued following the incident, whereas 22 crew members  are missing, and feared dead.

The case is still being investigated by the South Korean Coast Guard and the exact cause of the ship’s sinking is yet to be determined.