Kotug Performs Its First Assistance on River Thames (UK)

Kotug Performs Its First Assistance on River Thames (UK)

October 30th 2013, KOTUG’s RT Champion performed her ‘first’ assistance in the Thames on the tanker vessel “STEN IDUN” to the Oikos Jetty, London.

As of October 2013, a full 24/7 towage service, supported by KOTUG’s local management, will be available to assist the clients at the Oil and Gas Terminals on the river Thames and the London Gateway Container Terminal. In cooperation with ship managers, terminal operators, local agencies and its own representatives, KOTUG is happy to be in a position to offer its innovative services combining the skills of its highly trained and dedicated UK crews with a sophisticated and modern fleet of powerful Rotor®Tugs and ASD Tugs.

KOTUG is developing its services to ports and terminals in Europe, Australia and Africa. Following the start of KOTUG’s operation in Wilhelmshaven in 2012 and in Cameroon at the beginning of 2013, a dedicated operation in the United Kingdom represents a new step in the global activities of KOTUG.

On the River Thames KOTUG operates two powerful 80+ ton bollard pull Rotor®Tugs, RT Leader and RT Champion and will add two 65+ azimuth stern drive tugs. Depending on the workload, KOTUG is able to expand the local fleet with more tugboats.

The principal advantage of the revolutionary Rotor®Tugs is their remarkable manoeuvrability, provided by its three azimuth propulsion units, making it the safest way to tow in confined areas, and especially in challenging tidal and weather conditions. Due to the configuration of the three azimuth propulsion units, the bollard-pull of these tugs is maintained at an almost 100% level in any direction the tug is operating. Due to the Rotor®Tug’s excellent manoeuvrability and power, in many cases, fewer tugs are needed per ship assistance.


KOTUG, October 31, 2013