Photo: TenneT

KPMG wins North Sea Wind Power Hub contract

Energinet has awarded KPMG with a contract for offshore wind market engagement support services for the North Sea Wind Power Hub (NSWPH) project.

KPMG will collaborate with the market to lead, refine and structure the plan of approach for the offshore market engagement, as well as prepare and assist in workshops with around five influential offshore wind developers.

The company will also develop content and deliverables for initial dialogue with developers, and a final offshore wind market report based on input and collaboration with the companies.

Consortium partners behind the NSWPH, Gasunie, TenneT Netherlands, TenneT Germany, and Energinet have joined together to develop a large-scale European energy system for offshore wind in the North Sea over the next few decades.

The project is based on a ”hub and spoke” concept, where wind farms will connect to one or several hub islands via alternating current cables.

Power is converted into direct current electricity by converters on the hub islands before being exported by a series of interconnectors (the spokes) to connecting North Sea countries.