Kraken Robotics completes cable burial survey of Gode Wind 3 OSS to Dolwin Kappa link

Kraken Robotics has completed a cable burial survey on behalf of Asso.subsea along the 16-kilometer export cable that runs from the Gode Wind 3 offshore substation to the Dolwin Kappa platform.

Source: Kraken Robotics

The operation was conducted from the MSV Astrea, employing the advanced Sub-Bottom Imager™ (SBI).

Kraken Robotics said that SBI was tasked with providing an accurate top of the product along the High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) export cable. The project aimed for a burial depth of 1.5 meters, identifying and marking any sections falling short of this target. 

These areas were then set aside for further trenching by Kraken’s team, directly coordinating from the vessel. According to Kraken Robotics, SBI is known for its accuracy in detecting burial depths beneath the sea floor, functioning effectively even while the cable is powered.

Gode Wind 3 is owned by Ørsted and Glennmont Partners. The 253 MW project is being developed by Ørsted at the site located in the German North Sea, around 32 kilometers northwest of the island of Norderney within cluster 3 and the country’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

DolWin Kappa serves as the centerpiece for the 900 MW DolWin6 direct current link, facilitating the transmission of offshore wind power from the German North Sea to the mainland.

DolWin 6 was commissioned by TenneT in September 2023. The platform will convert alternating current generated by offshore wind farms into direct current, which will then be transmitted to Hilgenriedersiel on the mainland via an approximately 45-kilometer-long subsea cable.