Leask Marine Gets DG100 Foundations Job

Minesto is moving forward with the development and manufacturing of its first DG100 unit, which will be installed in the Faroe Islands, with the contract award for the supply of subsea foundations to Leask Marine.

Orkney-based marine service provider will be responsible for the concept, detailed design and fabrication of the foundation.

As reported earlier, Minesto has awarded a contract for design and development of the foundation connection system to Inyanga-Tech, with Quoceant as main sub-supplier.

Minesto has signed a contract for delivery of the wing system for the DG100 unit with the Swedish-based company Elitkomposit, for one full wing system with option for a second order.

Minesto has issued a purchase order to the UK-based company PPI Engineering for a medium voltage 100 kW generator. The scope includes design, manufacturing and testing of one generator with option for additional units.

Minesto also awarded a contract for onshore control station to be used with the grid-connected DG100 installation in Vestmannasund, Faroe Islands. The Onshore Control Station system is to be divided in three separate sub systems which together will ensure data communication with the DG100 power plant, power conversion and transmission and fulfilment of grid code requirements. Converter System will be delivered by the Danish manufacturer Danfoss, while the other two systems will be delivered by the Swedish company SevabConcept.

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