Photo: Photo: Colin Keldie, Courtesy Ocean_2G

Leask Marine on ATIR Diving Duty

Orkney-based Leask Marine will be carrying out diving operations at the EMEC Tidal Test Site Fall of Warness.

During the ops, between July 8 – 14, 2019, vessels C-Spartan, Explorer, Kirkwall Bay and Reggie will be moored alongside Magallanes’ ATIR platform currently on site.

The ATIR tidal energy converter (TEC) was installed at EMEC’s Fall of Warness tidal energy test site in Orkney, Scotland in February this year as part of the Ocean_2G project.

The project is funded by the Fast Track to Innovation pilot scheme, part of the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

The ATIR was connected to the grid via EMEC’s subsea cables and onshore substation on March 2, 2019, and generated its first power a short time after. The first generation of power is a major milestone within the Ocean_2G project, which aims to test, validate and pre-certify Magallanes’ device.

The device is undergoing a structured programme of testing, which will demonstrate the operational performance of the ATIR, in preparation for readying it to market.

Other vessels are requested to maintain a safe distance of 250 meters from the site.