Libyan Forces ‘in Control’ of North Korean-Flagged Tanker

Libyan Navy has taken full control of a North Korean-flagged tanker that loaded crude oil at the rebel-controlled eastern terminal of Sidra port, the government officials reported on Monday.

Libyan Forces 'in Control' of North Korean-Flagged Tanker

According to the local media, the tanker named Morning Glory was surrounded by the Libyan naval forces while trying to leave the port.

Latest reports from the official news agency LANA state that the Libyan Navy has taken control of the ship some 10 nautical miles of the Sidra port. The reports also indicate that a few skirmishes occurred during the operation, nevertheless with no loss of life between the two parties.

However, the rebels denied losing control of the vessel saying that the Morning Glory is still docked at the port in Sidra.

This latest action follows Libya’s Government decision to liberate its eastern oil ports that are under control of the rebels since July last year.