Linde to supply liquid hydrogen for Norled’s ferry

Industrial gases and engineering major Linde has been selected by Norwegian ferry operator Norled to supply liquid hydrogen and related infrastructure to the world’s first operational hydrogen-powered ferry.

Courtesy of Linde
Linde to supply liquid hydrogen for Norled's ferry
Courtesy of Linde

The company will provide a full service solution to the MF Hydra ferry in Norway.

Liquid hydrogen will be supplied from Linde’s new 24MW electrolyzer at the Leuna Chemical Complex in Germany, which will use PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology to produce green hydrogen.

Linde will also build and install onshore and onboard hydrogen storage, distribution and safety equipment.

The supply of hydrogen is scheduled to commence in 2022, at which point the fuel-cell-powered ferry will reduce its annual carbon emissions by up to 95 per cent, the company noted in its statement on Monday.

“Hydrogen is a powerful energy carrier with proven potential for reducing carbon emissions when used in mobility,” said Armando Botello, President Europe North, Linde.

“We believe that hydrogen will play a significant role in the future of zero-emission ships,” added Heidi Wolden, CEO of Norled.