Liquid Wind joins Methanol Institute

Liquid Wind, a power to fuel company based in Gothenburg, has joined the Methanol Institute.

Illustration/Methanol powered vessel; Image by Waterfront Shipping

The company develops, finances, builds, and manages facilities to produce renewable methanol.

Renewable methanol is produced from sustainable raw materials such as industrial and municipal waste, biomass, and carbon dioxide.

As informed, each facility will combine captured biogenic carbon dioxide with renewable electricity in the form of hydrogen, to produce liquid, carbon neutral fuel.

The fuels are intended to be used primarily by marine and road transport among others in the supply chain.

Liquid Wind has assembled a consortium including Siemens Energy, Haldor Topsoe and Carbon Clean. The companies plan to collaborate on the integration of technology and the production of cost-effective renewable methanol.

Under the plan, each facility aims to upcycle 70,000 tons of CO2 into 50,000 tons of carbon neutral eMethanol fuel per year.

The facilities will capture waste carbon dioxide (CCU) and combine this with hydrogen, made from renewable electricity and water, to produce eMethanol.

The first facility, FlagshipONE, will be located in Örnsköldsvik, on the north east coast of Sweden.

However, Liquid Wind wants to scale up rapidly to meet the growing demand for renewable methanol.

The plan is to set up 6 facilities across Scandinavia by 2030, and then scale up to 500 facilities by 2050 and license the technology internationally.

Liquid Wind CEO & Founder Claes Fredriksson explained that membership in the Methanol Institute will provide the company with strength and connections to commercialise the important green industry.

Methanol has been described as a solution that ticks all the boxes, with 2020-compliant SOx, NOx, and PM emissions and providing a path for a carbon-free future for shipping.

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