Photo: Image courtesy of Uniper

Liqvis opens Kassel LNG filling station

Uniper’s unit Liqvis has opened its second permanent liquefied natural gas (LNG) filling station in Kassel.

It is the first such facility in Grünheide near Berlin. The facility replaces the mobile station that has been stationed in Kassel up until now.

Liqvis is planning to relocate this now-superfluous mobile filling station from Kassel to Hamm in North Rhine-Westphalia. This will cater to the rising demand and expand Liqvis’ network of LNG refueling stations in the short term.

Two trucks can now refuel at the same time at the new LNG filling station. In the future, the number of trucks refueling simultaneously can reach up to four.

ILiqvis currently has two permanent LNG filling stations open in Kassel and Grünheide near Berlin. The company is planning further projects in the coming months. A facility in Calais, northern France, is already under construction, Liqvis said.

Liqvis is close to securing approvals for further stations in Rosengarten near Hamburg and Langenhagen near Hanover.

Concrete plans are also in place for stations near Bönen on the Kamener interchange on the A2 (not far from the A1), near Ulm on the A8 (Esso station in Seligweiler), near Magdeburg (A2) and near Bad Honnef (A3).