LLOG sets sights on developing six Gulf of Mexico projects by 2018 end

LLOG Exploration Company L.L.C, a privately-owned E&P company focused on the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, has informed of its plans to develop six operated projects following a successful 2016 and 2017 exploration program.

LLOG said on Tuesday that the company would bring online nine new deepwater oil wells by the end of 2018.

Namely, one well is already producing more than 12,000 bopd, six wells have been completed, one well completion is underway with one well scheduled to be completed during 2018.

Scott Gutterman, president and CEO of LLOG, said: “This latest series of deepwater discoveries represents a continuation of our successful exploration efforts over the past 20 years in the Gulf of Mexico for LLOG and our partners.

“These discoveries have been appraised by multiple wells and sidetracks. With the majority of completion operations soon to be concluded for these discoveries, we are quickly turning these multiple exploratory drilling successes into production.

“We are proud of our team that continues to generate our multi-year exploratory success rate of over 70 percent, and particularly in 2016, when eight of nine exploratory wells drilled were successful.”

“We remain committed and enthusiastic about the deepwater Gulf of Mexico where we have an inventory of over 40 identified exploratory prospects to drill and develop,” added Gutterman.

All of the wells soon to be in production were identified in the Mississipi Canyon and Viosca Knoll. Below is a breakdown of the plans announced by LLOG.


Mississippi Canyon 794:  Claiborne

The Claiborne discovery in Mississippi Canyon 794 is located in 1,500 feet of water and was drilled to a total depth of 24,000 feet and targeted multiple sub-salt, oil-bearing Miocene sands. The discovery well was drilled in 2015 and was appraised in late 2016. Both wells have been completed and are being tied-back to the Walter-operated Coelacanth platform on Ewing Bank 834. First production is expected in mid-2018.

Mississippi Canyon 427/471:  LaFemme and Blue Wing Olive

The LaFemme discovery in Mississippi Canyon 427 is located in 5,800 feet of water and was drilled to a total depth of 13,000 feet and targeted multiple Upper Miocene reservoirs. The discovery well was drilled in mid-2016 and encountered over 175 feet of net oil pay and was appraised by a follow-up well in late 2016. The wells have been completed and will be co-developed with the Blue Wing Olive discovery and tied back to the LLOG-operated Delta House facility on Mississippi Canyon 254

Blue Wing Olive is located in Mississippi Canyon 427-471 and was drilled to a total depth of 17,000. LLOG is currently completing the Blue Wing Olive well with first production expected in mid-2018 from both discoveries.

Mississippi Canyon 257:  Red Zinger

The Red Zinger discovery in Mississippi Canyon 257 was drilled to a total depth of 19,000 feet and found multiple Upper Middle Miocene targets. Red Zinger will be tied-back to the Delta House facility with first production expected in the second half of 2018.

Mississippi Canyon 301:  Marmalard East field extension

Marmalard East in Mississippi Canyon 301 is a field-extension well completed by LLOG in the second quarter of 2017. The well was drilled to a total depth of 18,000 feet and targeted Miocene sands and encountered over 50 feet of net oil pay. Of the nine wells drilled this is the only producing well. Production is achieved via Marmalard subsea infrastructure system to the Delta House facility at a rate of over 12,000 bopd.

Viosca Knoll 959/960/1003/1004:  Crown and Anchor development

Crown & Anchor, a two-well discovery drilled to a total depth of 14,000 feet targeting multiple Upper Miocene sands. Both wells have been completed and will be tied back to the Anadarko-operated Marlin facility. First production is expected in the second quarter of 2018.

5 billion barrel Buckskin


Despite having announced the expected development of six wells on Tuesday, one of the projects to look at will come a bit later – the Buckskin development in the Gulf of Mexico, expected to come online in 2019.

Namely, in an announcement earlier in September, LLOG revealed it had made several key steps to begin execution of the previously-approved Buckskin Project.

The large-scale deepwater development project, estimated at some 5 billion barrels of oil, has been delineated by multiple prior wells and will be a six-mile subsea tieback to the Anadarko-operated Lucius Spar.

The Buckskin is located on Keathley Canyon blocks 785, 828, 829, 830, 871 and 872 in the Gulf of Mexico in approximately 6,800 feet of water. The Keathley Canyon 872 #1 discovery well at Buckskin was drilled by Repsol in 2009 to a depth of 29,404 feet and encountered approximately 400 feet of net pay in the Upper and Lower Wilcox formations.

Three subsequent appraisal wells drilled in Keathley Canyon 785 and 829 encountered an average of 375 feet of high quality oil pay in the Upper Wilcox. The Buckskin, as of this year operated by LLOG, project will use equipment rated to 15,000 PSI and will utilize dual eight-inch flowlines with riser base gas lift.

Unique opportunity


Announcing the move forward at the project, Scott Gutterman, said: “Buckskin is unique opportunity for LLOG, and we are excited to partner with Repsol, Samson, Beacon, and Navitas in the development of this very significant project.

The field extends onto six lease blocks and we estimate that it contains nearly five billion barrels of oil in place. Since our inception in 1977, LLOG has successfully drilled 78 wells and managed 21 development projects in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

We believe our commitment to safety and efficient operations, together with our deepwater Gulf of Mexico experience and strong track record of success will allow us to efficiently develop the Buckskin project and add significant value to all partners.”

LLOG recently signed a new contract with the Seadrill West Neptune drilling rig to perform the initial Buckskin work which will include drilling and completing two wells. The West Neptune will move on the Buckskin location in the fourth quarter of 2017. Furthermore, LLOG has ordered several long-lead items for the topsides and is well positioned to achieve first production at Buckskin in the second half of 2019.

Offshore Energy Today Staff