Photo: Courtesy of Siport21

LNG bunkering op simulator SiBunker in development

Spanish companies Siport21, Gasnam, Naturgy, Cotenaval, and ESK will develop LNG bunkering operations conceptual simulator named SiBunker.

LNG bunkering operations simulator SiBunker in development
Courtesy of Siport21

Madrid-based maritime and port engineering company Siport21 said SiBunker software will be developed in ten months. It has a budget of up to 120,000 Euros ($140,800).

The tool helps decision-making related to LNG bunkering operations according to regulation and operation parameters. Specifically, these parameters are:

  • location (onshore or offshore)
  • ship mooring conditions
  • metocean operation limits
  • risk assessment
  • maritime traffic interferences
  • downtime, or SimOps.

The goal is to select the most suitable option in each case and to establish the optimum procedure accordingly.

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Furthermore, the Spanish Department of Trade and Industry selected this project in a call for Innovative Business Groups.

This simulator allows improving safety in the operations based on a previous specific risk
assessment. It will facilitate decision-making both in nautical and process aspects.

SiBunker is also a learning and training tool for all gas value chain players. It will develop the operation procedures and program the conceptual simulator based on their experience in LNG bunkering projects.