LNG containerships on the rise

The number of LNG containerships under construction is on the increase, the Port of Rotterdam said in a statement on Monday.

Precise figures are not available, but according to a Dynamar‐assessment, there are 49 ships of between 1,380 TEU and 21,500 TEU on order that will either be able to use LNG as a fuel or be “LNG‐ready” upon their delivery, according to the statement.

In all cases, they will be dual‐fuel, i.e. capable of using both LNG and IFO (Intermediate Fuel Oil) as the energy source.

The dual function will remain a necessity as long as the availability of LNG bunkers along their entire trade lanes is not warranted.

The first three LNG‐ready ships have already been delivered (UASC, 3x 15,000 TEU units). Tentative delivery dates for the remaining ships is between April 2015 and August 2018.


Image: DNV


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