‘Logos Hope’ Commences Its Annual Routine Maintenance (China)

Logos Hope is once again out of the water for its annual routine maintenance at Yiu Lian’s floating dry dock in Hong Kong. Work had already begun in the fan room with the renewal of the deck steel where it was badly corroded.

'Logos Hope' Commences Its Annual Routine Maintenance

Other works will be focused on main engine no. 2 and the auxiliary engine no. 1 overhauls. Many pipes will also need to be renewed; especially in the bulkheads walls of the Hope Theatre.

This is the second time Logos Hope has chosen to be in Hong Kong for maintenance.

Last year we had a great experience and so far we have had a great start,” said technical manager Harald Smit (Netherlands). “Hong Kong shipyard workers are friendly, fast and efficient,” he added. Logos Hope is expected to be in the shipyard for one month.


GBA Ships, March 21, 2014

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