Long-serving Mexico oil union boss resigns amid corruption probe

Carlos Romero Deschamps, the head of Mexico’s oil workers’ union, has resigned after almost three decades in position, amid corruption accusations.

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The resignation comes in the same week in which the country’s president Lopez Obrador said Deschamps was being investigated by the Attorney Genera’s office and suggested that it was best for a person in such a position to resign and face the allegations.

The 76-year old former senator who presided over the union since 1993 is reportedly being investigated for alleged illicit enrichment and money laundering, with the Mexican media citing his and his family’s lavish and luxurious lifestyle, which is in contrast with his relatively modest official salary.

Forbes in 2013 included the name of Carlos Romero Deschamps in an article titled: “The 10 most corrupt Mexicans of 2013.”

Here is a part of the article referring to Deschamps, as written by Forbes:

“Carlos Romero Deschamps is the powerful Pemex workers union leader and one of the most notorious PRI members long suspected of influence-peddling for personal enrichment. Paulina Romero, his daughter, displays on Facebook her travels around the world in private jets –accompanied by her three English bulldogs Keiko, Boli and Morgancita–  her voyages on yachts, dining in first class restaurants and sporting $12,000 Hermes luxury bags. Her brother drives a $2 million limited edition red Enzo Ferrari sport car, a gift from their father, whose trade union monthly salary is $1,864.”


According to a Reuters article on Thursday, Deschamps had served three times in Mexico’s lower house of Congress, and twice in the Senate, which gave him immunity from prosecution.

In a press conference earlier this week, the country’s president Lopez Obrador was asked about allegations that he never wanted to meet Deschamps.

Lopez Obrador said that he usually did not meet with leaders in general as he preferred meeting common people. He also said that there was also no opportunity for him to meet Deschamps.

Asked whether Deschamps ever asked to meet with the President, Lopez Obrador said “No, no. I have not seen it, I do not remember, but I think I have never seen it, that is, we have never seen each other.

In an earlier press conference this week, before Deschamps’ resignation.  Lopez Obrador said the government would not be involved in naming his replacement (was he to resign).

“They have to solve it in the union,” the Mexican president said.

According to El Universal, Deschamps will be succeeded by Manuel Limon Hernandez., a federal deputy for Institutional Revolutionary Party, Veracruz.

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