Longest Offshore Construction Vessel in the World Launched in Vigo, Spain

The Spanish shipyard METALSHIPS & DOCKS has recently delivered the world’s longest offshore construction vessel, M/V North Sea Giant, to the Norwegian owner North Sea Shipping.

M/V North Sea Giant has been designed for long term construction works in the open sea, supporting a crew of 120 people . The ship has a heliport, exercise hall, movie theater and sauna. There are two cranes on deck, one with a load capacity of 400 tons and the other 250 tons.

The vessel  is one of the biggest OCV in the world at this moment. It is 156 meters long, 30 meters beam and over 22 MW of installed power.

It is designed to conduct multi purpose construction works and extract minerals in very deep open sea conditions in line with advancing technology and increasing raw material needs.

RMK Marine built the hull for the vessel in 2009.

Metalships & Docks is a private shipyard established in Vigo, in the northwest coast of Spain, carrying out shiprepair and conversion activities since 1986, with land and premises on a flat 80.000 m2 of which 21.000 meters are covered areas: workshops, warehouses and offices.

North Sea Shipping” and relating companies are founded on a family based shipping company having operated ocean going vessels for generations and ROV- / Seismic vessels since 1980. The company participated in the rapid development in ocean going fishing vessels during the 1950’s. The company operated in the fishfarming industry from the late 1970«s.

North Sea Shipping group is family owned, and situated in Austevoll, on the west coast of Norway. The company is owned by Klepsvik and Okland family. The company has its main office in Bakkasund, Austevoll with new  office-locations built nearby the quay/ harbour facilities. Suppliers and co-operating companies are located in the same region.

The company recently opened branch in Vigo, Spain


Source: OET staff, March 16, 2011; Image: North Sea Shipping