Low LNG prices boost Dutch LNG trucking business

LNG trucking business in the Netherlands seems to be enjoying the low LNG price environment as local companies are increasing truck loadings at the Gate terminal in Rotterdam.

Rolande LNG and Titan LNG, both part of the Iveco Schouten Group said in a statement on Wednesday they loaded their 200th LNG truck at the Dutch Gate terminal.

The two companies entered a partnership in 2014 for the sourcing and transportation of LNG to industrial customers and LNG truck filling stations in North West Europe.

Since the start of our Gate operations in June 2014, the terminal has grown into an important LNG hub for us. With global LNG prices declining, we expect to substantially grow the number of trucks that we load here in the coming years“, Niels den Nijs, Commercial Director of Titan LNG said.

Gate LNG terminal launched in January last year a loading station for trucks and containers, with a total capacity of 5,000 trucks per year.

Since then, the number of trucks loading LNG at the station and distributing it to locations in the Netherlands and North West Europe has been increasing steadily.


LNG World News Staff; Image: Gate

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