Photo: Image source: Royal IHC

Lowering Entry Barriers for Dredging Operations by Royal IHC

Image source: Royal IHC

Tijmen Malschaert, Royal IHC’s product director for standard hopper dredgers, took part in the Africa Ports Expansion Summit today by giving a presentation about how to lower the entry barriers for local dredging operations.

At the event, Malschaert said that IHC’s Easydredge – combined with dredge training and services – can be a smart and cost-effective solution for local economies.

The IHC Easydredge is a product line of standardized trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHDs), ranging in hopper volume from 500 to 4,000m³. According to IHC, the standardized design can be adjusted with high-quality additions as a new build – or even later in the dredger’s life.

The 3rd Edition of the African Ports Expansion Summit, aimed to congregate major stakeholders in the maritime industry including government authorities, port authorities, contractors, technology providers, is taking place this week, from 25-27 June, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.