Lundin bites the dust in Norwegian Sea

Lundin Energy is in the process of concluding the drilling of a wildcat well east of the Ormen Lange field in the Norwegian Sea as the well is dry.

The wildcat well 6306/9-1 is located in production licence 886 where Lundin is the operator with Petoro and Spirit Energy as partners.

Lundin secured a drilling permit for the well in November and a safety consent to use the Deepsea Stavanger rig for the well in December 2021.

Deepsea Stavanger - Lundin
Deepsea Stavanger rig; Source: Lundin

The well has been drilled about 72 km east of the Ormen Lange field in the Norwegian Sea and 55 km northwest of Kristiansund. This was the first exploration well in production licence 886, which was awarded in APA 2016.

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) informed on Monday that the primary exploration target for the well was to prove petroleum in Upper Jurassic reservoir rocks (the Rogn Formation). The secondary exploration target was to investigate the reservoir potential in the basement rock.

The well encountered 152 metres of sandstone, 73 metres of which were presumably in the Rogn Formation from the Upper Jurassic Age, with good to very good reservoir quality. The sequence under the Rogn Formation consists of sandstones of unknown age, 25 metres of which with moderate reservoir quality.

In the secondary exploration target, the well encountered about 76 metres of tight basement rock. The well is dry, with no traces of petroleum. Data acquisition has been performed.

The well 6306/9-1 was drilled to a vertical depth of 1025 metres below sea level and was terminated in the basement rock. The water depth at the site is 228 metres. The well will be permanently plugged and abandoned.

Following the completion of the well, the Deepsea Stavanger drilling rig will begin a yard stay at the shipyard in Bergen.