‘Maersk Deliverer’ spinning drill bit again after yard stay

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Maersk Drilling’s semi-submersible drilling rig ‘Maersk Deliverer’ has completed its five-yearly special periodic survey (SPS) yard stay ahead of time.

According to Maersk, the yard stay had more than 210 job packages and 584 work orders that needed to be completed within 35 days along keyside. The scope, among others, involved Class recertification, BOP upgrade & overhaul and overhaul of the entire drilling package, Maersk has said. The ‘Deliverer’ has now resumed drilling operations offshore Angola, the company has added.

Mærsk Deliverer has since 2012 been working for Chevron on the Tombua Landana field offshore Angola. The rig will be on the contract with the US-based company until June 2017.

As for the yard stay, the company says the work was done across different departments and teams both onshore and offshore.

Project Manager Morten Svanholt, said: “We could not have carried out such a successful yard stay without involving the many different stakeholders from across the company. Knowledge sharing and teamwork have been essential elements in planning this project, and we will put even more emphasis on this in future projects”. 

Chief Technical Officer in Maersk Drilling, Frederik Smidth added: “I am really proud of the team of both offshore and onshore colleagues, who have worked very hard to make this project such a success. The team has managed to complete more than 210 activities on board the Mærsk Deliverer over a very short period of time. Every minute counts in our line of business, and when we work together we can optimise the impact that these yard stays have.”

The company has said that optimisation of the yard stay process would be a key focus area for Technical Organization and Operations in Maersk Drilling.

Claus Bachmann, Asset Manager for Deepwater in Maersk Drilling said: “A yard stay equals time where the rig does not earn any money, but rather spend them instead. When we can optimise and make these yard stays more efficient, we can drive down the cost. The team has done a tremendous job in making this yard stay efficient, while still maintaining a safe environment for everyone working on the rig. That is no easy job – well done! This is a great start, but we will need to work even harder to limit the impact that yard stays have on our daily operations.” 

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