Maine Coast Guard Organizes Meeting for Cobscook Bay Tidal Energy Project (USA)

Maine Coast Guard Organizes Meeting Related to Cobscook Bay Tidal Energy Proj

 Ocean Renewable Power Company Maine, filed on September 1, 2011, application for an 8-year pilot license to construct and operate its proposed Cobscook Bay Tidal Energy Project.

The proposed Cobscook Bay Project would be using tidal currents of the Cobscook Bay to generate electricity via cross-flow Kinetic System turbine generator units (TGU) mounted on the seafloor.

The local Coast Guard is organizing a number of meetings, because they want to hear the mariners’ opinion on tidal energy proposal in Cobscook Bay, reports AP.

The aim of these meetings is to find out if there is a potential threat to the underwater environmental.

The first meeting was held yesterday in Lubec and the second one will be held today in Eastport.

Offshore Wind Staff , January 31, 2012; Image: Ocean Renewable Power Co.