Maintenance and permanent well abandonment


Relevant to both the North Sea and other offshore producing regions are the sessions on offshore maintenance services and on permanent well abandonment. Many offshore platforms in use today are exceeding their intended lifespan, leading to challenges for operators to keep the equipment running.


In this session John Alkemade, Director EMEA at Asset Performance Networks, specialist in offshore turnaround practices, will shine a light on the drivers of offshore turnaround performance and on the benchmarks of best offshore turnaround practices. Johan Ferket, Stork Technical Services and Harm-Jan Smit, Stork Technical Services representing AJS will, among other things, discuss asset related risks management, asset performance improvement and asset life extension and cover changes in regulations, in particular related to the offshore safety directive.

When the productive life of a field has definitely come to an end, a different process kicks in. Governments and regulatory agencies are informing the offshore oil and gas industry that unproductive wells must be adequately sealed to prevent potential environmental threats. In the North Sea area alone over 1,000 wells have to be abandoned. The session “permanent well abandonment”, organized in cooperation with the Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association (NOGEPA) and joined by specialists from Schlumberger and Total E&P Netherlands, looks at the regulatory framework for abandonment as well as at cost effective technical solutions.

C-level panels

This year’s conference offers three high caliber panel discussions. In the third annual Offshore Energy Industry Panel moderator Wilbur Perlot, Deputy Director at Clingendael Academy, will actively engage panelists and attendees in a strategic discussion on the industry’s future. The discussion covers changing industry fundamentals and innovation to meet future energy demand, reshaping partnerships through collaboration, integration and consolidation, challenges of integrated project management and the investment climate and capital discipline in the industry.

The second annual Drilling and Dollars Panel will focus on “Offshore and Finance”. Key areas for discussion include the growing size and complexity of projects, new frontiers and regulations, investing in offshore projects, tapping new funding sources and optimizing the funding mix. Cornelie Goedhuis, Global Head natural resources at ING Bank, will lead the discussion among financial experts from oil and gas companies, offshore contracting and services companies, and public and private financial institutions.

Recurring as a C-level panel is the Human Capital Panel focusing on workforce segmentation, planning and management, and sourcing strategies as part of the ‘open talent economy’.

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October 01, 2014


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