Maldives: President Inaugurates Addu Land Recamation Project

President Inaugurates Addu Land Recamation Project

President Dr Mohamed Waheed has inaugurated Addu International Airport Development Project. The inauguration ceremony was held on Sunday at Gan International Airport.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, President Waheed noted that Gan International Airport is geographically located in a very strategic position and that traveling to Gan Airport from destinations across the Indian Ocean would be easy.

President said the airport would bring revolutionary changes to the development of Addu atoll and the entire southern region. In this regard, the President highlighted the positive changes it would bring to the transport system and the resorts in the region. In addition, he noted that the airport would also bring employment opportunities.

In his speech, the President also spoke on matters of concern for the people of Addu atoll.

The reclamation work will be completed within four month’s time and the first phase of the project will be completed by October next year, the President said.


Press Release, June 11, 2013