MAN ES and Mitsui E&S perform world’s first hydrogen combustion test on marine 2-stroke engine

MAN Energy Solutions (MAN ES) and its licensee Mitsui E&S have unlocked a new milestone in the maritime industry with the world’s first hydrogen combustion operation of a large marine engine.

Courtesy of Mitsui E&S

The hydrogen combustion operation of a large marine 2-stroke test engine with a bore size of 50 cm was completed on the premises of Mitsui E&S Tamano factory in Japan, aiming for the early launch of hydrogen-related businesses in the maritime industry.

In collaboration with MAN ES, Mitsui E&S converted one of the four cylinders of a MAN B&W ME-GI (Gas Injection) engine to hydrogen operation. The hydrogen was supplied from a hydrogen gas supply system that Mitsui E&S developed in 2023.

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The partners reported that stable operation was achieved at various loads and operating conditions, including successful hydrogen combustion up to 100% load. Mitsui E&S also confirmed greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions of up to 95%, with the remaining fraction originating from the pilot-fuel employed during testing.

“This is the world’s first successful hydrogen combustion test on a large, marine two-stroke engine. In achieving operation along with providing the hydrogen gas-supply system, we are now one step closer to developing a zero-emission ship that uses hydrogen as fuel,” Mitsui stated.

Gunnar Stiesch, Chief Technical Officer of MAN Energy Solutions, said: “This is a very interesting project and one of several activities related to hydrogen that MAN Energy Solutions is currently pursuing within both two- and four-stroke segments. My congratulations to MITSUI for achieving this world-first and pushing the envelope on decarbonisation.”

Bjarne Foldager, Country Manager, Denmark, MAN Energy Solutions, commented: “We have worked closely with MITSUI on this research project and are very happy with the results achieved. This proves the advantages and the flexibility of two-stroke engine technology, and means that we are now also prepared for the future, not only for hydrogen derivatives but also for hydrogen as a fuel. MAN Energy Solutions closely follows the market to keep track of any significant developments and this test is a noteworthy progression.”

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